The Essentials For Developing An Attack Style Wrestler

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ASW Essentials 2.0
4 DVD Pack

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Level One Handbook

What's In The
SOL Handbook?

Order Our Attack Style Wrestling Essentials 2.0
"Standard of Learning Bundle" And Learn:

Right now our NEW Attack Style Essentials 2.0 Standards of Learning Bundle is being offered…

In this bundle you’re going to get all the techniques needed to lay a solid foundation for any Attack Style Wrestler…

...systematically presented on our 4 Essentials 2.0 DVDs!

Along with a Level One Handbook and YOUTH Level Handbook.

In these Handbooks you'll get:

A Complete Technical Outline For That Specific Level

  • Each level comes with an outline of techniques presented in a systematic fashion that will be mastered for that level.
  • Then each technique and series is plugged into a system of practices…
  • Each practice is built in a progressive manner…
  • Each building off the next using the same instruction, practice drills, live wrestling scenarios, speeches I used to develop the Gable mindset and much more…

17 COMPLETE Practice Plans Using The Same
Techniques, Tactics And Practice Drills I Used Every Day!

Here's what is covered in each practice:

  • Each Practice starts with a motivational speech, that I have given to my teams and delivers one of the messages needed to build the mindset needed to embrace an attack style mentality...
  • Next you will get ideas for warmup routines and drills...
  • Then we go into suggestions for the Quick Drill portion of my practice, which is a special section of practice designed specifically to build muscle memory in the most important techniques and skills with intense drilling tactics reviewing skills your wrestlers have already seen.
  • After this we go into the techniques assigned to that practice...
  • You'll get just enough techniques so you can effectively teach your team and not overwhelm them or leave them lost... This is one of the biggest struggles I had as a young coach.
  • I always wanted to work too much and my wrestlers wouldn't get good at anything, until I started just focusing on the most important things.
  • I then deliver situational wrestling ideas and this is where the real magic happens. If you're not working the right situations in practice the techniques you're teaching will sink in much slower and maybe never!
  • After suggestions for live wrestling we then end with conditioning drills that I used to instill focus and incredible wrestling conditioning

Each SOL Level Contains A Rank System Test
Like Martial Arts Have Used For CENTURIES!

Motive Your Wrestlers To Pay Attention And
Rapidly Absorb And Master The
Most Important Skills In Wrestling With These Special Tests!

These systems are taken directly from my best practices during my 9 years, when I won the state title every year!

Doesn’t this seem like something that could help?

14 Complete Practice Plans For
Beginning Youth Wrestlers and Teams

Complete Guide For Beginning Youth Wrestlers And Teams This handbook is perfect for youth beginners and rec leagues. It will show you the techniques, give you complete practice plans and ends with a test you can use to check retention of the skills presented in this Youth Level SOLS Handbook.

  • Reveals the most important techniques to focus on for beginning youth wrestlers and team and lays the perfect foundation to lead straight into our Level One SOLS!
  • 14 complete A-Z practice plans you can use to run your entire season or as templates for any existing system you may have in place.
  • This is a TREMENDOUS TIME SAVER and will ensure coaches at all levels are on the same page and teaching from the same system…
  • Ends with a straightforward TEST you can give each wrestlers.
  • This is a great way to motivate wrestlers to actually learn the techniques and incentivise development in even the youngest athletes.

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“Standards Of Learning System"
Youth Level Handbook


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